How To Use Photo Print Coupons

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the Photo Print Coupons service.


Did you know when you shop online there are often discounts available?

During the payment process many online stores will have a field to enter a coupon or promotion code. Entering a special code will give you a discounted rate or free extras.



STEP 1: Make a note of the online store you are buying something from. For example:

amazon Or

STEP 2: Visit

STEP 3: Enter the store name from step 1 into the box and press the "Search" button

STEP 4: If more then one store comes up, pick the store you from the options. You should now be presented with any coupons available for that store. Make a note of them.

STEP 5: Click the coupon code listed next to "Coupon Code" to copy the coupon to your clipboard. When asked to enter your coupon code at checkout just paste* the coupon code from your clip board.

*Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts:

Windows Users: Ctrl + v

Mac Users: Command + v

Thats it! Hopefully now have a great discount or bonus!

To add a coupon to Photo Print Coupons, just search for the store page and scroll down until you see the "Add Coupon" button. Click the "Add Coupon" button and fill out the new coupon form and hit submit. Thats it!
How to add a coupon
On every stores coupon page in the upper left corner of the screen are two options; "My Favorites" and "Add to Favorites". When you add a store to your favorites list, the store will be saved to "My Favorites" until you delete the store from your list or erase your browser cookies. To view saved stores, just click "My Favorites"
How to Use My Favorites